The all thrills & no spills re-usable drinks cover

The award-winning re-usable drinks cover - for spill and spike prevention you can trust. Made from Silicon, SafeSip fits securely over any cup or glass and lasts for many years

Got you covered

Meet SafeSip. The award-winning spill and spike prevention drinks cover.

Re-usable, re-workable and reliable, SafeSip is designed to last multiple years, and fits over a whole range of glass, cup and can sizes.

From picnics in the park to big nights out, we're here to keep your drinks, spill-free and safe.

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SafeSip Story

SafeSip was invented and founded by Melissa Edmunds, as a solution to the spills that came with having 2 toddlers. But, it quickly became clear that SafeSip was a much-needed tool for many more people and situations.

From spill and spike prevention when partying, to sipping accessibility for those living with disabilities, SafeSip's quality, trusted design offers protection and confidence to all its users.

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