2014 British Invention Show

Another year has now gone past and I have been very lucky to be part of the 2014 British Invention Show in London. After attending the show for 3 days, I was invited to the dinner and awards ceremony at The Savoy Hotel.

It was a great night and unexpectedly, I was entered into two categories. It was an exciting time as I was not anticipating winning any awards, so I enjoyed my meal and the company on my table.

Then the presentations began, and I started to get that butterfly feeling in my stomach....it was tense as some of the people on my table were in the same category as me. In the end, my name was announced twice that evening, once for SafeSip and once for myself. I was absolutely delighted to win

Platinum Award for British Invention in the consumer category; and

British Female Inventor of the Year 2014.

Thanks to the British Invention Show and to James Franklin for giving me some coverage in the Daily Echo...



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