SafeSip in the Summertime June 29, 2015 12:48

It has been a great few days of weather down at SafeSip HQ and with a week of sun to come we thought we would highlight a few of SafeSip’s uses. As SafeSip is made from platinum silicone, it is ideal to use with hot, cold and very cold drinks – all you need is a glass, a drink, a straw and you are ready to go.

Enjoying a Pimms in front of the Tennis


Summer with SafeSip and PimmsWith Wimbledon just starting, it is a great time to pop into the garden with a glass of Pimms (or your preferred alternative), to enjoy a good book and the tennis on iPlayer. Well don’t forget to top your glass with a SafeSip – it would be exasperating to put your Pimms on a bump in the lawn and then watch it spill into the ground as it topples over.  

Keeping the insects at bay

SafeSip with insects

With drinks in the garden, it is always the unwanted insects that cause you to keep a watchful eye out and cause you to try swatting them instead of relaxing. Using a SafeSip, you are making a seal over your glass safeguarding your nectar from any insects looking for a swim. You can then sit back and just relax.


 Lying for maximum relaxation

Sunlounging with SafeSip

If you are using a sun lounger, you know that once you have found that comfortable position it is frustrating when you then have to move for one reason or another. With a SafeSip on your glass, you are able to drink at any angle just with moving your arm and your lips (make sure you put the drink close enough to start with!)

Have a great few days in the sunshine everyone.