It’s Christmas…..well nearly!

It’s Christmas…..well nearly!

The festive season is just around the corner, according to my daughter it is only 24 sleeps until Christmas, and if your house is anything like mine that realisation that I need to finish my Christmas shopping has really kicked in.

Everyone is excited, children leaping everywhere, bashing into the tree and sending pine needles flying, adults tearing around buying last minute gifts, or stressing because they can’t find those last few stocking fillers.

We have a few ways in which we can help over this stressful time.  There is nothing worse than leaving your drink in the vicinity of the Christmas tree to find it full of pine needles after the person next to the tree insists on constantly knocking the baubles.  Save yourself the stress of having to pour yourself another glass by using a SafeSip to keep all those horrible bits out. SafeSip stopping pine needles in your drink

You could put a SafeSip in everyone’s stocking to reduce the spillage clean ups throughout the day as the floor becomes harder to find under the paper, games, toys and people.

Having a large family to dinner at this time of year can also lead to panic – especially if you are expecting your grandchildren, or nieces and nephews and have just treated yourself to a brand new beige carpet or have a lovely tablecloth that only comes out for special occasions.

Perhaps you are taking your child to someone’s house over the festive period - that feeling of dread that you are just going to be telling your child off all day for being a child, just for fear that they will knock something over and break it. We have a solution, why not add a SafeSip to their stockings, along with a special straw (although as a parent I would steer clear of the annoying musical ones that go on forever!). SafeSip will help everyone relax a little by reducing the risk of spillages, unfortunately it won’t protect the special ornaments but it is one less thing to think about.

You could make the children feel special at Christmas and treat them to their own Rice cup and SafeSip as a gift at the Christmas table.

 Christmas rice cup collection with three SafeSips Hen rice cup collection with four SafeSips Large rice cup collection with three SafeSips


If you are a carer or have a relative that will be in hospital over the festive period and you are just looking for a small token gift, perhaps a SafeSip would be a benefit to them.  It might make it easier for them to have a drink in their favourite mug/glass.

We think that a SafeSip is a great stocking filler for anyone. 

Whatever you are doing this Christmas period we hope that you all have a very Merry spill free time!

SafeSip Jingle Bells

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