MumsNet Competition

MumsNet Competition

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It has been a really busy time for us at SafeSip over the last few months, improving the website and working on some new ideas which we believe will enhance our current SafeSip range.  We can’t give away too many details at this stage but needless to say we are all very excited about what’s coming up.

The festive season is upon us already and we know that everyone loves a competition at this time of year.  This year we are working with MumsNet to bring you a brilliant one running during December.

In case you are unaware, MumsNet is a fantastic network, now the UK’s biggest. It is for parents and is full of advice, product reviews, suggestions of things to do and forums where you can find someone to share your issues with or answer your questions; it is the go to place for parents with children of any age.

Lucky for us, one of the local MumsNet co-ordinators saw SafeSip on Facebook and really liked our products so got in touch with us.  Being a mum myself and with SafeSip being invented with children and a Mum’s sanity in mind (among other things) I was honoured to be approached by them. After finding out more information and some more chatting we are proud to be able to run a competition with MumsNet giving away some of our amazing SafeSip products.

The competition will be run by around 15 local MumsNet groups.  Each group will pose a different question about our website (, for example what colour are the SafeSips shown in our Quad pack image, on their local website or Facebook page.  The entrants then email across their answer and once the competition ends one lucky winner will be drawn from each MumsNet group. 

Now for the prize - each lucky winner will receive:

4 SafeSips, 4 patterned rice cups, a straw jar, a pack of straws and a gift bag too!

We hope that the lucky winners will be pleased with their prizes and hopefully the SafeSips will be a brilliant addition to their households - saving them time cleaning up spills, saving their carpets and a little bit of their sanity!  We look forward to hearing from them with any feedback they might have.

So all you parents out there check your local MumsNet site and see if they are one of the lucky bunch to be participating in this competition and then get entering!!

Good luck from The SafeSip Team

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