Travelling and holidaying over the festive period

Only 8 more sleeps until the big day – so I was informed this morning by my children. 8 more days of them leaping around with excitement, while we adults rush around finalising presents, food shopping and most importantly travel plans for Christmas. 

SafeSip in the car

I am sure like many parents car journeys with children are not what I consider fun.  We try playing I-spy, count the red cars, ply them with snacks and drinks to avoid all those “I’m hungry/thirsty/bored” comments but there is always something.  My least favourite issues surrounded drinks in the car.  The number of times I had to pull over because they couldn’t open/close the lid or I had to rescue them or their car seat from a soaking as they spilt the drink all down them.  SafeSip has provided us with a little more peace on our journeys.  It can fit over a drinks can, and using a straw is easy for everyone to use and with no more spills.  I also keep a cup and straws in the car (I have a SafeSip in my bag all the time).  Children’s drinks often come in bottles – which a SafeSip doesn’t cater for unfortunately, but I can now tip it into the cup, add the SafeSip and be on my way safe in the knowledge that we should make it to our destination with fewer stops and not soaking wet, even if they fall asleep and drop it.

SafeSips with their no more spills ability are also useful on planes and trains.  If you have a bumpy ride there is nothing to prevent your glass, or your neighbours from slipping off those trays and spilling all over you.  By using a SafeSip you can protect you (and your neighbour) from any spills from your drink.

If you are jetting off this Christmas with your family to enjoy some festive snow or to a warmer climate to escape the rain then no doubt you are rushing around making sure you have everything you could possibly need to ensure your break is as stress free as possible.  We believe that one of our SafeSips could assist in reducing that stress a little further.  Eating out on holiday should be a pleasure but I know from experience this might not always be the case with children around.  They get restless, wander around, knock the table and often spill drinks – yours and theirs.  SafeSips are small enough to put in your handbag when you go out for dinner, add it to your child’s glass, stick in a straw and hopefully a slightly more relaxing evening will follow.

No sand in your drink thanks to SafeSip

They are also useful for days out for both adults and children. If you are on the beach there is nothing worse than sand getting in your food or drink when people walk past.  Using a SafeSip not only helps to keep the sand out but the drink in, unfortunately it can’t help with the food part though.

Whatever you are doing this Christmas, however you are travelling we hope with our No more spills SafeSip we can take some of the pressure off and make your journey a little easier.

Merry Christmas!!

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