Day tripping…….

Day tripping…….

We may have had an unusually warm winter but the rain certainly hasn’t enticed my family out of the house for any day trips of late.  Schools are back but half term is just around the corner and we are definitely looking forward to some day trips. In fact I can’t wait for spring to come so we can get out and about more.

Picnic in the summer with SafeSip


Obviously there are down sides to days out – firstly if they are more than a 30 minute drive trips in the car are met with complaints of ‘are we nearly there yet?’ or ‘I’m thirsty’.  If you saw our Festive travelling blog you know all about the issues I had with children drinking in the car.  Drinking as you are going down a bumpy road to get to somewhere you know they will love, and then arriving at the destination only to find you need your first change of clothes. All this changed when I started taking a SafeSip out in the car with us.  Now we can just put the SafeSip over the can/cup and the children can drink without spilling. Perfect!

Arriving at the destination at 10.30 normally means the pleas for lunch (usually a picnic) will start around 11.00.  You can normally distract them until 11.45 and then I cave.  We sit down to tuck in to our lunch wherever we can find some grass, picnic mat out, drinks poured and within minutes someone has knocked one over!  The grass is never as flat as a good old fashioned picnic table but they are not always as easy to come by.  SafeSip to the rescue!  I have started taking a bottle of drink for us all to share, along with some cups, straws and our trusty SafeSips.  This means I can now put out the blanket, pour the drinks – covering each one with a SafeSip, then grab the lunch without any spillages when my back is turned.  The other great thing is that SafeSips protect your drinks from the pests that like to share your picnics – perfect in the summer for keeping the wasps out of your drink! This in turn, hopefully, makes for a more relaxing lunch.

SafeSip vs Wasp

It also means that if you or your children haven’t finished their drink at the end of lunch you can just stick the drinks in the bottom of the pushchair, or in a bag and carry them without them spilling all over the place, ready to be pulled out and used.

Day trips to the beach are brilliant especially on a warm day.   We all worry about how much our children drink in the heat but on the beach drinks are easily knocked over, attract unwanted flies or worse get sand flicked into them as children build sandcastles nearby. SafeSips come into their own on a beach, protecting from all the problems above – helping children and adults alike.

SafeSips are a great addition to any picnic set, whether you are heading out for a picnic in a park, a day trip to the zoo, camping or heading to the beach for the day. Why not check out our picnic packs today.

SafeSip picnic pack

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