SafeSip in Healthcare

SafeSip in Healthcare

My father had a heart attack and was hospitalised, one of the things he struggled with was to sit up and drink, and when he did manage it his drink had sat there gathering dust ….. does this sound familiar to anyone? 

A close relative of mine was then diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. As they declined I could see the difficulty everyday tasks were beginning to be - one of those simple tasks being drinking. From both these experiences, it became apparent that people want to be able to be as independent as possible, without a worry of causing a problem.

With a diagnosis such as muscular dystrophy, a stroke or Parkinson’s disease it can be shattering. The need to keep life as normal as possible by just having the confidence to drink unaided or without spilling the liquid on themselves or their beds can really help. 

SafeSip is perfect to aid those with healthcare issues, to drink by themselves with confidence and with dignity.  With its simple, stylish and ageless design, SafeSip moves away from the clumsy, babyish or institutional looking aids that are currently being used. With bright and fun colours, as well as a discreet Clear version, SafeSip is ideal to use in a hospital, at home or out and about – just pop it on, and once finished, wash it by hand or in the dishwasher and it is ready to use again.

As well as practical, the flexibility of SafeSip enables people to use it on their own cups and mugs already at home – just using your favourite mug again independently can really give you back some dignity and confidence, putting a smile on your face.

SafeSip in action

We have worked with various groups and our customers are individuals affected by or carers of those with illnesses such as cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy, motor neurone disease, brain ataxia, and stroke victims. We also receive emails from people confirming how useful it has been to them from a mother following a C-section birth, who could not sit up properly, to countless people who have had operations or back issues confined to lying in awkward positions.

Safesip obviously helps those that use it, but also provided benefits to carers and their feedback is fantastic – it allows the carer more time as they can leave drinks without fear of spilling and avoids time changing bedding or clearing up. 

We have had a lot of great feedback showing that SafeSip does make their life a little bit easier for some – you can see for yourself at Facebook and Trustpilot

SafeSip Reviews on Trustpilot 

Unexpectedly, during a news story about dementia on BBC News, we spotted a SafeSip being used ….. it is great to see it being used by situations we had not thought about ourselves, which is very heart-warming.

SafeSip on BBC news

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