Making nights out a little safer

Making nights out a little safer

We all like to go out and paint the town red. Meeting up with a few friends at a local pub, bar or restaurant, then moving on to a late night bar or club. We have all done it, had great nights to remember with laughter and joy that we didn't want to end. Sometimes it does not end so well - a drink is left on the table while you have a dance, or pop to the ladies. Someone walks past and drops something in - the night is then a blur!  You want to feel safe, you need to feel safe but what can you do to help deter this happening - SafeSip may be able to help.

What is SafeSip?

SafeSip is a flexible drinks cover. You just take it out in your bag and when you buy your drink, you can pop the SafeSip on and drink through a straw. Once you have finished your drink, just take the SafeSip off and use it on your next drink. Of course, it cannot completely prevent spiking but it is an excellent deterrent to these situations occurring. All you need is for the glass to be dry on the outside, the SafeSip just stretches over and seals the drink in, while keeping everything else out.

What size glasses can a SafeSip be used on?

SafeSip is a "one size fits all"  and has been specifically designed to fit the majority of glasses that people use. It will fit from a normal drinks can up to a old style pint glass or cocktail glass - as it is made of silicone, it has sufficient flexibility for most situations.

Is it re-useable?

Yes. you can use your SafeSip again and again. Once you are home and ready to wash your SafeSip, you can pop it in the sink or in a dishwasher. It is made of silicone so you need to make sure it is not near any knives when being washed or chipped glasses/mugs when being used, otherwise this will shorten the life of your SafeSip.

Can it be used on plastic vessels or just glass?

It can be used on any type of vessel - glass, plastic, melamine, paper or aluminium. You just need to make sure the outside of the glass and the inside of the SafeSip are dry before putting it on. This is how the seal is created.

Can I buy them in multiple packs to share with my friends?

Yes, we sell SafeSips in Single, Twin, Triple or Quad packs - you can view our full range at here.

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