Summer Holiday SafeSip Tips

Summer Holiday SafeSip Tips

I love the summer holidays spending time out and about as a family is always great but it is not always stress free. So far we have had wasp dodging picnics, delayed car journeys, raining camping trips and are preparing for a warm sunny beach holiday following a 4 hour flight with 3 children.  This blog looks at 5 ways in which SafeSips can help make these experiences and your summer slightly less stressful.

SafeSips being used on a picnic


If, like my children, your children find the prospect of sharing their picnic with wasps and bugs unappealing then this is for you.  We usually have what can be termed as the ‘bug jig’ at some point in our picnic.  This usually involves running around waving arms and whatever they are holding all over the place.  This then in turn leads to drinks being kicked over food or slopped out of the cup they are holding.  SafeSips are a brilliant solution.  Not only do they keep drinks safe inside when glasses/cups are tipped or knocked over, they also keep the drinks free from bugs.  No more soggy picnic blankets or plates of food.

Wasp on a drink

Car Journeys

‘I’m bored, thirsty or hungry’ followed by ‘are we nearly there yet?’ are my typical car journey conversation starters from the children.  5 minutes or 30 minute into the journey snacks and drinks are pulled out then a few minutes later ‘I’ve spilt my drink’ as you go down a pot hole filled road.  Brilliant, now we need an extra stop to change clothes and try to dry off the car seat. SafeSips are great at preventing this.  Fitting virtually any cup, glass or can it means drinks can be give out at the start of the journey with a straw and hopefully mean unwanted stops will be avoided.  With the new SafeSip go pouches you can always keep spare SafeSips in the glove box incase of an emergency .

Planes, trains and coach journeys

There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination a little bit soggy after spilling your drink on a bumpy train journey or turbulent plane trip, worse still is spilling it over your neighbour.  SafeSips are perfect for these occasions.  Safe for use with hot and cold drinks they are ideal for the early morning meeting train journey coffee or a cool soft drink in the afternoon. Preventing spills and reducing the risk of turning up to your important meeting with a coffee stain on your shirt.



We all love a sandy beach, relaxing in the sun, or playing in the wind and rain.  Picnics on the beach are always a bit risky, often resulting in crunchy sandwiches and bits of sand floating in your drinks.  Even if it is not windy there is always the sand that gets kicked up as people innocently walk past.  SafeSips are brilliant for keeping the sand away from your drinks, leaving you to enjoy your time on the sand – unfortunately there is no easy cure for the additional crunch to your food.

SafeSip used when camping

Camping and festivals.

Poor lighting and uneven ground can make keeping your drinks safe while camping can be tricky – no one likes a soggy sleeping bag, especially with the typical british summer we are experiencing at the moment. SafeSips are small enough to squeeze into your camping kit bag or your handbag, and if stored in a go pouch will be clean and ready for use whenever and wherever you are. Prevent spills makes them perfect for keeping bedtime drinks safe and beds dry.  Not only this but we have all seen or read about the risks of having drinks spiked, and whilst being careful about leaving drinks on tables and ensuring we buy our own, SafeSips are a great deterrent for spiking, covering your glass makes it very difficult for anything to be added to your drink.

We hope this has provided an insight in to how SafeSip can help you in your day to day life.  If you need more why not take a look at our customer reviews here:


Enjoy your spill free summer with SafeSip!

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