The Secret Behind SafeSip

Revolutionary Design

The Secret of SafeSip

SafeSip is the revolutionary invention from Melissa Edmunds - SafeSip fits virtually any drinking vessel. It keeps your drink in and everything else out. Parents, children, campers, party guests, the elderly and disabled – SafeSip simplifies the world for everyone. Go out and spill no more!

One product.... many uses!

Family SafeSip

From soft drink cans in the car to taking some of the drama out of family dining, SafeSip gives you and your children peace of mind. No more juice stains and clean-up panics. Your beige sofa will cringe no more.

Outdoor SafeSip

For public events, SafeSip can be printed with responsibility or branding messages guaranteed to reach your audience. SafeSip helps to deter drink tampering and clean-up catastrophes due to spilled drinks.

Events SafeSip

The problem with the outdoors is the number of wasp and other bugs trying to get into your glass or mug. And if you have small children, there’s the added drama of liquid, gravity and clothes. You say: fishing trip, hike picnic, sporting event or a day at the beach. We say: SafeSip!

Healthcare SafeSip

By eliminating spills, SafeSip enables everyone to drink with dignity. SafeSip improves care, lowers costs and reduces dehydration. It is less expensive than alternative drinking aids.

SafeSip in Action